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I am a film and television fanatic. I eat, sleep, and dream in film and television. I can still remember watching The Flintstones animation series on my big box tv. Yep, the one before flat screens, OLED's, Plasma's, and all that jazz when I was a kid. I could always take pictures, shoot the videos, and capture any story I had in my head. However, I fell in love with telling the story through sounds. The way a single drone could build the suspense in a horror movie.

I was always and am always scared of losing my sight so I learned, practice, and am mastering creating a library of sounds to captivate the audience to continue to understand the story even when their eyes are closed so they never loose what the story is about.

Sound Design  Dialogue Editing 
Re - Recording Mixer 
Foley Engineer

 Sound Effects Editing    ENG Mixer 

 Surround Sound Mix  Boom Op  

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